Created: Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Bleary-eyed disappointment

It's been a long twenty-four hours and I have a lot of work noodle marker to do before the first, which gives me precisely two days.

Since yesterday, I've worked out what is the most elegant of weblogging setups I could achieve with Tinderbox. Tinderbox has some rough edges and buggy parts, but I'll focus on what I think should be cleared up immediately.

First, Tinderbox litters the hard drive with superfluous files. It's very annoying, especially if one has meticulously put together a web page from many parts. Surely, Bernstein’s program must be doing something better than writing to disk and concatenating files after they've been written to disk. If not, Tinderbox needs to do a better job of cleaning up after itself: incomplete snippets of valid HTML is garbage.

I wish the power of Tinderbox to link files together could be leveraged in the context of putting together web pages from multiple sources. The only way to do it cleanly is to link using a macro like so.

I'm calling it a night. small numbskull