Created: Friday, 01 September 2006

Do you remember?

I've not been productive today at all. Or, I should say that yesterday I wasn't productive, at all. Today is a new month and very soon the beginning of a new school year.

Tonight I had a phone conversation with my beloved Sarah O. To say she has a lot going on is a dirty understatement. Because I don't have enough energy not to write in clichés, I won't say anything more about what's happening in her life except that she is in my thoughts and I love her very much.

Today I had a marathon-ish extended IM session with the one and only mandinator. We brainstormed a new domain name for her and I got a nifty subdomain out of the deal. She paid for the domain and has free hosting.


My issue with blogging (which posts so far seem to be "doing") is that they manifest symptoms of time-sensitivity. (I've also been writing and thought paralyzed since yesterday for reasons I'm not quite sure.) What I mean about time-sensitivity is undoubtedly partly my understanding and interaction with the medium of digital self-publishing in blog form.

First, yeah, the agent which assembles entries for the "index.html" of this URL collects entries, picks the ten most recent, and places them in reverse-chronological order. I'm reminding myself of a former friend and co-worker who when Mac OS shifted from The Mess Inside™ to its present UNIX base was obsessed with compiling and running a feature-restricted version of a UNIX text editor.1 noodle marker small numbskull